...But work won't let me! ;) While Poser Danielle is having a jealous making wonderful time on Ibiza 
right now (I don't wanna speak for her, but I'm sure she's having fun), I'm working my butt of over 
here to hopefully go to Ibiza later this year. This island is just magical. And no, it will never, I repeat: 
never be an overrated island.

 I must say I'm not complaining at all. Since I'm living in one of the best cities in the world, been to Ibiza 
 twice already, a few months ago I was doing exactly nothing on Bonaire, oh and New York is in the planning
 this year. And all this with a fear of flying. I think I finally can say I'm over that and I feel on top of the world!

Have you ever been to Ibiza? And do you have travel plans for this year?!



I'm a girl that looks in every mirror that comes across my path. And I'm not the only one, aren't I? ;)
Before I'm leaving home I always look in the mirror for my last check. My outfit? Check!
Hair and make-up? Check check! I just cannot understand why people haven't got a big mirror at home,
how the hell can you live like that!?

A mirror is not only important to check out yourself, but its has a lot more functions than you think.
When I moved into my first home with my boyfriend we had a cute little appartment, so we put this huge
mirror above our couch and it made our livingroom looked so much bigger!

I think mirrors are the best decorations for your home. It's funcional, it doesn't take up a lot of space,
and when you're having one hell of a gorgeous mirror, it's also like a piece of art on the wall (especially 
when you're standing in front of it...;) ) So let me help you think out of the box and not only use your mirror to check yourself....

Long live Pinterest! Because I found some awesome ideas to decorate your home with mirrows...



Something old something new, something borrowed, something blue. And that all in one outfit! 
Okay, except for the borrowing part actually... And no, I'm not getting married (yet) ;)

Talking about marriage and since it's thé wedding season; is there anybody here married?! Or are you 
that kinda woman that doesn't feel the need to go through all that fuss? Because honestly, I'm that opposite 
girl. That already had wedding dreams before she even knew what it actually meant. Recognizable? ;)

My boyfriend thinks I will be this bridezilla - besides his remarkable comments, he's quite a nice guy - but
I will proof him wrong (if he will ever pop up the big Q (on a very original way though!)) Somehow I'm
very old-fashioned with that, so to my opinion l'homme must ask la femme.

And one thing must be clear; No. Cake. In. My. Face. #AndOnMyFutureVeraWangDress. Period.

What are your wedding dreams/plans/stories/thoughts? Would love to hear them :)



Remember last week's sneak peek? Why hello there total outfit! I almost believed I could fly with
this blouse/dress/whateveryougorgeousthing around my hips.

Like I told you before, this blouse is magical. You feel totally caught up in a slow motion scene moment
when it's flowing around in the wind like that. Haha! But I mean it though...

Sooo, what do you think of this look?