Guess what my favorite color is... PINK (duh!) And how cool is it when you see a house in
your favorite color!? Well, pretty cool I must say. And there are a lot of them on the Caribbean.
I am in (pink)heaven!

While I was cruising around with le dad around the island (Bonaire), we've seen lots of amazing
places. Like this house that was in the middle of the little village Rincon.

Okay, okay, it's not wednesday yet. But why not wearing pink on tuesday?

I pinky promise I'm coming back to you again Bonaire...



As you can see fate already brought me to the ocean. This breathtaking view makes me wanna 
stay here for hours. Unfortunately on Bonaire the sunset starts already at 6 PM.

If I would live here, this would be my "relax" spot. A place to come and think about life and 
let me inspire myself by the panorama and my on thoughts. Because, hello? Look at this place!

I'm totally zen now and ready to handle the world again! How are you doing? :)



If you know me, you know I am a fast-food junkie (woopsie!) So this outfit - plus the Jack Daniels 
one from my niece - was perfection to me! But when I saw this cute little store with Coca Cola on it and 
I was wearing my shirt (and favorite McBag), my mouth fell open...



And if Aruba and Bonaire wasn't enough… Finally after 8 years my dream came true; I have 
visited Curadise. Also known as Curacao ;-) I can't believe I am here! Can somebody pinch me?!

I couldn't even believe I landed with my big but on this island. And why not making another 
dream come true?! So to put the cherry on top of the cake; I have swum with dolphins!!!

I even kissed one, hihi. Swimming with these beyond amazing animals was the best life experience 
so far. At first I thought 'isn't it sad for those dolphins to do this all day?' But the Dolphin Academy 
explained to my that it was anything but sad. They actually love all the attention!

I didn't forgot the rest of my time on Curadise. Like playing on jetski's, eating at De Gouverneur,
dancing at Wet & Wild and chilling on the beaches and my favorite infinity pool.
What you all can do in two days…