"Its gettin hot in here (so hot), so take off all your clothes
I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes off..."

This is how it literally went for me last week. What look do you prefer? :)



As I pinky promised you yesterday, my total Caribbean coconut look! Oh gosh, that sounds 
so wrong in so many ways, haha. Just like my title for this post. Only if you know the song, 
otherwise I didn't said a thing about it...

"I'm in love with the Coco"-nut. Or Chanel maybe? Besides these two coco's - and except for 
cocaine - are there any other words with "coco" in it? Let's start this coco-game! Are you in? ;)



I think my blog has been paused long enough for now (way too long actually)
So it's time to hit that play button again! 

This is just a foretaste of the outfit I'm gonna show you tomorrow. Plus how my 
Bonaire beach life looks like the past week ├índ the upcoming ones. Let's coco nuts



Finally, there it is! The hair tutorial video for The Chair. And let me be clear, the founder and
talent behind this tutorial is mister Jeffrey Janssen. Also known from Holland's Next Top Model.

We shot this video last Summer and I was their model for this raw ballerina knot tutorial.
Totally loves it! What about you?!

Although Jeffrey always knows how to make your hair look perfect, this is such an easy peasy DIY.
Even I can do it as you can see in the video below. And if I can do it, you can do it. Trust me ;)

Watch the video here below!