A look from last year. This reminds me how amazeballs this bomber jacket from RiRi is!
These kind of jackets are the bomb anyways. You just cannot ever have enough of those.

Lots of statement pieces are bombing you right here; the jacket, BAG, shoes, lipstick. But you
know me, me likey like that, hihi. Hey! And a touch of copper, where we talked about yesterday.

So, what do you think of this look? :)



I am kinda obsessed with this copper trend for in your home sweet home.
One little problem, everything in my house is silver…

Luckily I have a fashionable auntie which is an interior expert. So she solved my problem 
by asking me; 'why not combining all metallics!?' My gosh, genius! Just like you do with 
your arm swag.

So let me know if you can spot me in my moodboard ;-) 
Time to go copper shopping!



Now I know how it feels to be in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by cactus plants,
sun burning on your head and my empty water bottle (sh*t)…

Feeling free as a bird though! This endless view will never ever bore me I guess.
Neither does the cactus! They're quite trendy, right? So Bonaire must be super duper major hip! ;-)

And how cool is that last picture!?



It felt like I was in the middle of a project of Holland's Next Top Model while doing this 
shoot, haha! It was hard, but sóóó much fun. And believe me my dearest; it's verrry difficult
to look hot under water, Jesus Christ.

Thanks to Nikon I was able to pull of an under water shoot. If I did this with my regular camera, 
well, let's not talk about that… Thank you! But this Nikon1 did one hell of a job.
Look at this! How cool?

So I was a mermaid for a day, can I swim with dolphins again now?! ;)
(PS. And Can I have some credits for my photographer Kimberley? WOW.)