Can't talk. No time. Big preparations going on for the best party ever tonight: SENSATION. 
This is a look I wore two years - Jesus, this was two years ago already?! - ago to my favorite party!

What kind of outfit do you think I'm wearing this time? One tip: it's white... ;)



I know you love to travel and want to see the whole world, you little wanderlust ;-) From every
country you've been, you take a little souvenir home. But we can't travel every day of our lives and
it's nice to dream a bit. So what about a BIG map on your wall with little flags on the places were you
have been? I think it's such a great idea!

Every month there's is a fabulous flea market in Amsterdam: IJHALLEN. Last time I was there I saw 
a stand with a lot of old schoolmaps. From Europe maps to Asia maps, Africa maps and even maps of 
our little country the Netherlands! I directly had a flashback to my schooldays. And honestly, that 
wasn't the best object to see when you were at school... But for now as home decoration it's amazing. 

Another tip from Linsey: "If you're in Amsterdam there's this amazing store called "Pied รก Terre". 
Which is located on Overtoom 135-137. The best travel bookshop I've ever seen!"



Shooting or not shooting, I never wear an outfit twice. Why? Why not actually?! When you're
having a HUGE wardrobe with thousands of mix and matching looks, why the hell should you wear
a look twice? At least that's what I think ;)

Posting your outfits twice is another side of this story... But the rule to that is; only in a recap post. 
Et voila, welcome to my recap post! Which look is your favorite?

Do you wear your outfits more than once?



You can be The Lion King, but since I have this new bag, I can call myself The Leopard Queen,
don't ya think?! ;) I know for sure you want be a Leopard Queen as well... So let me help you
with this one.

Let's get wild and let's go shopping!